• 15. Story of Gosaikunda in eyes of kids from Syabru Bensi | Historia o Gosaikundzie widziana oczami dzieci z Syabru Bensi


It is time to publish full Story of Gosaikunda as seen in eyes of kids from Syabru Bensi! All illustration to the local legend were prepared during photo participatory workshop led by Martushka and Nyima Tamang. Kids from Syabru proved their great creativity. They just needed an impuls! It is time to discover the story and to enjoy their beautiful pictures!

Pora opublikować gotowe ilustracje do Historii o Gosaikundzie, przygotowane przez dzieci z Syabru Bensi podczas fotograficznych warsztatów partycypacyjnych prowadzonych przez Martushkę i lokalngo aktywistę Nyima Tamang. Dzieci z Syabru udowodniły, że są bardzo kreatywne. Potrzebowały tylko małego impuslu! Pora zanużyć się w tą historię i w jej piękne obrazy!


photo - participatory project of Martushka Fromeast 

in collaboration with children from Syabru Bensi, Nepal

There is an amazing place nearby

Many years ago there was a village between hills.

In this village lived two sisters:
 older called Chona and younger called Chogar.
Once they set off for the jungle to fetch grass for the cows.
They worked really hard, thus they got very tired.
When they saw a beautiful place they decided to take a little rest there.
When they finally were on their way home, Chogar saw another even more beautiful place. 
Oh how much she wanted to reach there. She started to walk...
Suddenly Chogar and Chona were not together anymore...
Noone knew where was Chona, Chogar was searching really hard for her.

Few months passed and Chogar was still searching for her sister Chona.
Chogar was searching so hard, but she was not able to find her sister Chona anywhere...
Finally she just sat in one place.

Chogar was searching days and nights and she could not 
find any information about her lost sister anywhere...

She had true love for her sister in her heart. 
This true love changed her into Goddess.

When she finally found her sister, she was very happy!

But when they started to talk, it turned out that Chona found a place,
where she really wanted to stay. She did not want to live with Chogar.

Chogar got really angry with Chona, since she was searching for her sister all this time.
But Chona’s heart was black and she did not care about her sister feelings.
She just left to live on her own...

Chona’s egoism made her whole body black.

Chogar said to Chona: „You may stay by yourself, 
but I will be always around. One day you will see.”

Since then Chogar become a respected Goddess 
and all the people started to worship her.

When their time passed, both sisters changed into lakes.

Since then every year during Janai Purima holidays 
people come to the Gosaikunda lake to celebrate Chogar.

Legend as told by the local shaman bompo  from Syabru Bensi.
Pictures taken by children from Syabru Bensi
Story curated & edited by Martushka Fromeast 
in collaboration with Nyima Tamang, Kishor Dangol & Priya Tamang

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