• 18. story of gosaikunda exhibition opening


Big day in Syabru today! Opening of the first photo exhibition in the village took place. It is been a great pleasure to work with all and to enjoy such beautiful collaboration. Everyone was very excited to see the results of the workshop and wanted to help to hang the prints in the most visible place in the village, which is also on the trekking route. Villagers, younger and older, school kids and grandmas curiously gathered to see the photographs. Everyone seemed very impressed!

Then all people moved to the courtyard of the local school - Shree Shyamey Wangphel Higher Secondary School Syabru Bensi - to attend official part of the exhibition opening program. Of course it started with official greetings by the principal of the school and by Martushka. 

Then artistic program followed with local dances and martial arts presented by school kids. 

Martushka got a surprise thank you gift from the principle of the school and whole community - a traditional Nepali Tamang cap! Now she is not an outsider anymore! 
Now she can feel as a part of the community!

The most important part of the celebration, part that the kids were waiting for finally came next.
All the kids who took part in the Martushka's project received their Certificates of Accomplishment!
This beautiful exhibition could only take place thanks to the creativity and engagement of children of Syabru! Big thank you and congratulation to all of them!

Martushka would like to express great gratitude to the school for all the help that was offered. 
School received from her sweets and notebooks, but moreover one camera, 
that can be used of the both educational and official purpose of the school!

 Finally there was also time for snacks and drinks! Here big thank to you goes to 
 Polish Institute in New Delhi for sponsoring the snacks for the opening ceremony! 
Everyone has enjoyed them very much!

It was a very beautiful day, full of joy and happy moments for whole Syabru!
Big thank you goes also once again to Nyima Tamang for all his engagement into this whole project.
 Now time to relax and get ready for the yatra!

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