• 19. getting ready for yatra


Morning welcomed everyone with a sad surprise. The wind at nite was stronger then the plastic finishing of the pictures so search for some local talents started to find a quick solution! But today in Syabru everyone was very busy preparing festive clothes and getting ready for the pilgrimage starting tomorrow. It was not to easy to find a tailor who could help, but finally thanks to Martushka's  charm and Hindi skills some of the decided to help. They had to hurry as the goal was to have exhibition ready to welcome the arrival of the yatris with shamans.

Shamans arrived to Sybary with about 170 yatris. Dressed in colorful clothes and drums they moved dancing through the village. Festives started! Tommorow Martushka will set off with the whole village Syabru for yatra! Next phase of the project - documentary photography essay will be prepared. Stay tuned and you will hear more news in about 10 days!

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