• 22. bompo pudja in the cave


Here are some pictures from the pudja in the cave run by two shamans from Syabru Bensi. Preparation for this pudja started early in the morning day before and the pudja itself finished at 8 a.m. next day. Martushka was informed by her Nepali collaborator that white monkeys visited the cave before the pudja what was a very good sign. All went as planned and the whole ceremony was filled with mantras. Mantra gave power to bompos to heal the man.

Also, as promised before, during this pudja Martushka ordered special prayers for all the people who contributed to her kickstarter campaign as well as for her family and friends.  

Acording to what shamans explained to Martushka after the ceremony: the gods told them not to kill the chicken as this cave is a very powerful place somehow connected to lord Shivaji and a cobra lives there. Martushka was very happy to see the chicken saved!

Photos by: Martushka Fromeast

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