• 35. Runner-up at the Forward Thinking Museum JGS Photography Contest 2014


Martushka's story on the shamanism in Shyabrubesi I AM NOT SCARED OF THE NIGHT has been chosen as one of the runners-ups in the 1st quarter 2014 of JGS Photography Contest organised by Forward Thinking Museum 

Martushka feels extremely privileged to be noticed by in this competition & would like to thank you all great jurors for appreciating her work! 

JSG Photography Contest aims to heighten the visibility of hopeful and life-affirming stories. Awe-inspiring developments in science and art, forward thinking actions taken by societies, organizations and individuals in response to challenges – there is no shortage of stories waiting to be told. And the truly prestigious jury members look for projects that are engaged and engaging - story telling that goes beyond and individual's autobiographical self and potentially resonate with a larger audience.

Forward Thinking Museum (FTM), a virtual space, with hopes that images will transcend the divisions that language brings. Featured videos and  contemporary photography bridge fine-art and journalistic genres to address complex social, political, technological, and environmental issues.

Click on the link below to see chosen projects.

1st Quarter JGS Photography Contest 2014

Runners-Up Gallery 

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