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featuring local stories and heritage of people from Himalayas.

It was conceptualised by Polish artist Martushka Fromeast (Marta Kotlarska) founder of Click Academy. The project was brought to life in 2013 with the idea of documenting Hindu Yatras (pilgrimages) in India and Nepal. During Martushka's 4 months artistic residency in Nepal in the Himalayan village of Syabru Bensi, the project flourished with first three stories from Himalayas: ‘Story of Gosaikunda’, ‘I am not afraid of the night’ and 'Se Bompo, Se, Se'. ( SEE HOW MARTUSHKA WORKED IN SYABRU BENSI )

Himalayas are full of stories, but this heritage is normally hidden from the outsiders and it needs to be preserved. Communities across Himalayas have unique philosophies, histories and ceremonies accumulated over millennia. The project aims to enhance and promote Himalayan heritage globally. 

In order to prepare in-depth photo narratives, we activate local communities to produce pictures telling local stories. We work with varied local communities. They share their stories and traditions; we help them to visualize these stories. We teach them photography and storytelling - they teach us about their culture. We edit their stories and prepare our own to raise awareness about the richness of their culture. We will also try to help the communities to prepare placemaking strategies in order to stimulate sustainable development in the region.

Following the successes of the Syabru Bensi project and all the positive response around the world, we keep working in the region to stimulate and develop collaborative storytelling practices with various communities in Himalayas! 2014 brought us a lot of new developments and new work, this time in India with documentation of Nanda Devi Raj Yatra, which could not be completed in 2013 due to natural disaster in the region and of various rituals around goddess Nanda Devi. 

There are still many more Stories from Himalayas that we hope to discover!

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