Gosaikunda Lake is a mountain basin situated 4 days walk away from Shyafrubesi, Nepal. For local people, who believe in a mix of Shamanism and Buddhism, the lake is a holy site and a source of power.

The main aim of our work in Shyafrubesi was to set clear goal and to enable a group of young local people to accomplish something spectacular. Martushka Fromeast did not want 27 children in Syafrubesi, Nepal to become photographers, but she wanted them to get courage. Collaborative work on the project was there to empower them and help them to find a way to achieve whatever they want to achieve, regardless of their economic situation.

For the STORY OF GOSAIKUNDA about Chogar and Chona, we created collaboratively a set of photographs illustrating local story shared with us by one of the local shamans. 

During carefully planned sessions in Syafrubesi the story got divided and professional storyboard was prepared. Working towards the plan, carefully every picture was designed. We shot knowingly and we were using variety of photographic means, playing with narrative sequencing and visual language of photography itself, carefully choosing the natural light or mixing it with artificial light, using long and short exposures, fake perspectives and so on. That resulted in a set of pictures to illustrate the story.



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